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June 1, 2016 – Glorify You With Our Lives

Memorial of Saint Justin, Martyr

Scripture Readings

We are all given gifts and talents.  While they have been given to us as individuals, they truly are gifted to us for the sake of the Gospel and the Body of Christ.  In order to best utilize these gifts it is helpful to discern them and then work to utilize the gifts in our ministries.  Gifts of listening can help all of us.  Perhaps this is a gift that I have and utilize well in my profession that is great.  However if I do not use this ability to listen well at home then I am not being the best version of myself.  

Awareness and utilizing of our gifts is important yet we also need place ourselves in ministries that will affirm our talents help us flourish. God made us for a definite purpose and seeks to bring about the Gospel through us a holy people.  Holiness does not preclude us from suffering.  In fact, experiences of mine own and others has taught me that suffering often nudges, challenges, calls us to more deeply trust and rely upon the Lord.  Our response to suffering is what reveals our faith.

For Justin, it was the Christian’s powerful witness in the face of great suffering that helped lead to his conversion.  Eventually, Justin too would refuse to offer sacrifice to idols, for which he would suffer martyrdom.  When faced with the choices in front of us what is our response to suffering or sacrifice?  How do our decisions and actions give witness to Christ?

"Lord, help us to be aware and listen to your call to use our gifts for the good of the Kingdom.  Fan into flame the Spirit in our lives so that no matter good times or bad everything in our lives glorify You, who we confess as our Lord and Savior now and forever.  Amen!"

- Deacon Michael Montgomery