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Simple & Remarkable Miracles - Raymond and Maria Yates

Allow me to share our experience regarding our 7 year old daughter Maria, when she fell 8 ft into an open basement and was speared by steel rod fastened to concrete on the floor. She is doing well and sustained minor injuries...considering that is (cracked rib and collapsed lung when surguons removed the rod.  She could understand why Mom was crying and so upset....she whispered to Mom that Jesus and Mary were holding her hand.  Remarkable!

How many miracles/apparritions have been given to us, and then seemiingly forgotten?  I think of Fatima, Akita, Garranbandal, LaSallette, etc,. etc., that reaffirmed our Gospels and gave us warnings of our future.  This accident in our family has made us more aware of how short life is, and what we could do to improve our spiritual "readiness" whenever the time comes for us to die.  At any rate, Thank you so much for your visit to Maria in hospital, your prayers andall you do as a Catholic Priest!   

- Raymond and Maria Yates