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Reflection for Nov 25, 2007 - Feast of Christ the King

Behold, the King"

Sunday Mass Readings

The feast of Christ the King was instituted as a feast by Pope Pius XI as late as 1925. More than purely spiritual considerations, it was world political events that prompted the Pope to institute the feast. World War I (1914-1918) was barely over and the memories of the blood bath was still fresh in the minds of people. Nine million soldiers were killed and an unspecified number of civilians were also killed.


Reflection for Nov 24, 2007

God is not God of the Dead, but of the Living"

Today's Mass Readings

The Sadducees (a Jewish sect) came up to Jesus with the hypothetical case of a woman who married seven brothers as each of them successively died. The Sadducees accepted the teachings of only the first five books of the Old Testament and in these books belief in the afterlife is not specifically mentioned.


Reflection for Nov 23, 2007

My House shall be a House of Prayer"

Today's Mass Readings

In today’s first reading from the 1 Book of Maccabees, we read about the Temple’s rededication. This story about Juda Maccabee, is an important context for the Jewish feast of Chanukkah, which falls around Christmas time. Appropriately, sometimes in the early Church, the dedication of the Temple in today’s first reading, was viewed as foreshadowing Jesus’ birth.


Reflection for Nov 22, 2007

Offer to God Praise as Your Sacrifice"

Today's Mass Readings

(Today's reflection is based on the ordinary readings of the day and not on the readings for Thanksgiving.)

In today’s gospel, Jesus weeps over Jerusalem, knowing what was to befall the people there. Jesus recognizes that the people do not appreciate his presence as God in their midst, and, yet, as he continues his trek toward his passion and crucifixion, Jesus’ emotions are roused to the point of tears. How powerful this is, to think of Jesus weeping over Jerusalem! Especially when you consider that Jesus was facing his own death and all the injustice and suffering preceding that death. Yet he does not weep for himself, but for the city, for the people, including us today.


Reflection for Nov 21, 2007

Well done, Good Servant! You have been Faithful in this Very Small Matter"

Today's Mass Reading

On a recent trip to Rome I viewed a photo exhibit at St. Peter’s called “Vatican Click.” The exhibit featured candid photos of the popes taken by Vatican photographers over the last few decades. I was surprised when, during the exhibit, I came across several photos of Villa Nazareth, a residence for underprivileged college students from Southern Italy studying in Rome. I asked a fellow professor who had lived at Villa Nazareth during college why, amongst hundreds of photos of the popes, there were several pictures of Villa Nazareth. Her response was yet another surprise. “Don’t you know the reputation of that place?” she asked. At the time, I did not.