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Jan. 9, 2019 - Right Before our Eyes

Wednesday after Epiphany

Scripture Readings

Nearsightedness is no big deal as I have a great set of glasses that helps me distance terrifically.  However, I cannot read well or work on the computer with my glasses on.  In taking off my glasses, unless I am fully attentive to putting them down, I can sometimes have a hard time being able to see them to pick them up again.  The readings strike me that something right before the disciples eyes remained unseen to them.

Sometimes it is hard to see beyond the storm we are in, yet far above the rain clouds, the thunder and wind, is a bright shining sun.  While on some level we know the sun is there we fail to see the big picture.  In today’s Gospel from Mark, the disciples found themselves far out sea and in a serious predicament.  Jesus had sent them ahead and now they found themselves trying to paddle out a storm.  In a way, Jesus had encouraged them to be out there on the water, but why?

This stormy scene follows the feeding of the five thousand.  Today’s gospel reminds us that though all had eaten and were satisfied, the disciples failed to recognize the significance of the miracle.  Mark describes the disciples as having hardened hearts.  What had been right in front their eyes was invisible to them.

While in tumultuous times our vision may become cloudy, we must look for the lighthouses in our lives to find the way.  These beacons often come in the form of a close friend who helps us see the bigger picture.  Who helps understand that suffering is part of life, but that it need not be the end of the story.  Also, we need to allow Christ into the turmoil.  In the story Jesus does not command the storm to cease.  The gospel simply describes the wind dying down when Jesus got into the boat.

Merciful God, help us to let Christ into the boat of our lives especially when we are unable to see beyond the difficult times.  Then by a better awareness of the Lord’s presence, the rage around us will be stilled, and we will no longer be afraid.

- Michael Montgomery