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December 6, 2018 -Building a Future Foundation

Thursday of the First Week of Advent

Scripture Readings

Today's gospel is one that many of us are familiar with - a house built on sand will crumble and fall, but a house built on a strong foundation of rock will be able to withstand the storms of this world.

While reading today's gospel I was reminded of a movie I watched recently with my son - Inside Out.  While this film is marketed as a kid's movie this film deals with adult concepts as it presents an in-depth look at our emotions and what they mean. Throughout the film they present the "islands" within Riley, the little girl. She has a family island, friendship island, silly island and honesty island. These are all core parts of her being. But when she is uprooted from the life she knows and forced to change, by moving across the country, this 10 year old girl finds many of her beliefs challenged, and as a result her islands begin to crumble. As a parent it is hard to watch this film and see honesty island crumble and family island fall apart. It challenges me to ask the question - what will my children's core identity be rooted in? What is my core identity rooted in? Amidst change, stress, trials and the storms of life, what island will hold strong?

I hope to raise my children in such a way that the core island, holding strong and giving them their core identity, is the knowledge that they are made in God's image - they are rooted in Christ. When the other islands of their identity may crumble, I pray that their identity as a Christian will hold strong.

And for this to happen, I must be rooted in Christ. Children model what they see, what they live and what they are taught. If I am trying to instill these values but do not hold strong to my identity as a child of Christ I become like someone trying to pour a concrete foundation in a sand dune - it will be nearly impossible. Hence lies the challenge I am faced with here - to ensure that my rock, my strong hold, is Christ. This is essential not only for me but for my children as well.  

AJ Grimm