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April 11, 2018 - Set Free

Memorial of Saint Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr

Scripture Readings

I met someone who could speak to me only in metaphor.  The imagery they conveyed described how they were locked in prison and needed help to get out.  Through our discussion the jailer seemed to be his own sin.  It was like this person realized that their own actions led them to a tomb of their own making.  What became clear was how desperately the person wanted the Lord to roll the stone away so that they could be set free.  The desire of this persons heart was to be unshackled so that they could proclaim the gospel.

The jealously of the temple authorities led to them to having the apostles locked up for their preaching of the Resurrection of Jesus.  While they were locked up because of actions they had taken.  The apostles preaching was in the light, and about the light.  Their preaching was about the unconditional love of Jesus and how his sacrifice set people free.  All the while their witness placed them in danger.  Yet the Apostles trust in the Lord and their Easter joy empowered them to preach of the new life found through belief in the risen Christ.

While I had placed Easter season is full of great opportunities for each of us to realize God’s love for us.  Our scriptures today give us a beautiful understanding this love and what it means for us; God’s love saves us and sets us free.  This is a profound message that we can often quote as we repeat from John 3:16.  How do we appreciate the fullness of the messages of God’s love?  When the message to go forth and witness to our faith is given to us, what is our response?  The power of resurrection reminds us that we will be delivered from our fears. Surely we realize that the Lord hears our cry.  It is why God sent Jesus to become one of us.  The gospel message reminds us in the way we think, talk and act that through his death, Jesus with outstretched arms would connect heaven and earth through the resurrection.  His resurrection has saves us, sets us free and offers us a joy beyond description.  Easter power was given to the apostles and is still being given to us.  Have we locked ourselves away somewhere because of our fear of the costs of discipleship?  Reflect today on one way to be a better witness to resurrection joy.  

"Lord you hear us when we cry.  When you answer our call remind us to trust in Your love so that we go forth with Your praise ever in our mouth.  Amen! Alleluia!"

- Michael Montgomery