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January 10, 2018 - Words with Effect

Wednesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings

Our culture in recent years has gone through a transformation on the meaning and use of words.  In our culture as a whole there seems to be this movement where if I see something on TV,  read it or hear it repeated numerous times by the people in authority it becomes the truth.  Or if you have a different ideology then what you have seen or heard is untrue.  It is almost as if in many ways words are losing the power to speak to us. 

When I exhaustedly said something casually, like I am having a bad day, I was quickly reminded that the person with whom I was speaking was having a far worse day.  My words had an unhelpful effect at that moment.  Then there is the experience of being at home and calling a child’s name sometimes with no response.  Words do have an effect, thus we must be attentive in both our speaking and listening.

Samuel believed that when he heard his name being called that it must have been the person to whom he was the closest, Eli.  Samuel was minister to the Lord under Eli.  SO he spent his days answering to him.  It is natural that Samuel would believe that it was Eli calling.  It is only after this repeated experience that Eli realizes what is going on and gives Samuel the words to respond to the Lord.   Samuel’s response to the Lord drew him into a deep life long relationship with God.  In this the Lord guided Samuel to speak with authority the rest of his life.

The practical implications are these.  First who is that helps direct us to the truth, to the Lord.  And secondly do we let the truth of the Lord to penetrate us in a way that transforms us and powerfully effect our words and our deeds. 

Loving God, you reveal yourself to us many different ways.  Allow Your call to draw us towards you, so that Your, your truth helps us be the encounter with Christ to which You have called us. Amen.

- Deacon Michael Montgomery