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Prayer to the Holy Spirit 


Holy Spirit of God, 
Breath of my breath
Life of my life,
Soul of my soul;
I praise you, I adore you, I worship you.
I bring before you my whole life;
my heart, my soul, my mind and my body.
Come, possess me and make me holy.

Possess my heart that I may love God above all else;
Possess my soul that I may yearn for God and God alone;
Possess my mind that I may know God;
Possess my body that I may glorify God in my being.
I consecrate this day to you.

Grant me Wisdom
so that I may know that in God alone is all truth.
Grant me Peace in my heart
and calm all my fears.
Grant me Love
so that I may show compassion.
Grant me Patience
so that I may take the opportunity to learn from life and others.
Grant me Understanding
so that I may deal wisely with the mysteries that today brings.
Grant me Faithfulness
so that I may lovingly nurture each of my relationships
Grant me Kindness and Generosity
so that I may share God’s love and my being with those in need.
Grant me Self Control
so that I may not hasten to wrong words and actions.
Be my all, today and forever.

© Fr. Satish Joseph/Dec 1, 2007