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Prayer for the Grace of Faithful Discipleship

Prayer for the Grace of Faithful Discipleship


Eternal God

You have shown yourself to us

as a God of steadfast love and fidelity.

You gave us Jesus so that we might know

that Your love is steadfast, relentless, and endless;

that Your faithfulness is constant, honest, and true.


In the name of Jesus,

we come to You  as a community of disciples.

May our hearts be consumed by Your marvelous love.

May our minds be gripped by Your faithful presence.

And in genuine response to Your fidelity and love

may we in turn become faithful disciples of Jesus.


Send us forth in the Holy Spirit, dear God;

send us forth as faithful disciples.

In the way we think, talk and act

may we bear witness to Christ.

Thus may Your steadfast love and fidelity

be made known to the whole world.



© Fr. Satish Joseph/Ite Missa Est, 2010