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Lenten Challenge 2018


Hard copies of the Discipleship Challenge can be found in the vestibules at
Immaculate Conception Church or printed as a PDF.

The daily challenges can also be received
through Facebook (IteMissaEstor (IC Church).

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Disciples: Living Heaven on Earthfinds its origin in the Sermon on the Mount from the familiar opening lines of the Our Father, “Thy kingdom come, on earth as it is on heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Understanding our call to discipleship is inseparable from this famous section of Matthew’s Gospel. As Jesus preaches he challenges us to think, pray, and act as he does.

Our Ite Missa Est 2018 Lenten Challenge will offer all three challenges as well. Some days will challenge us to think differently. Others will challenge us to deepen and intensify our prayer lives and still others will call us to concrete action. We invite you to commit to the challenge each and every day. You might prefer one style over another, but part of this journey is trying new ways of preparing for Easter.

Join us as we set out to intentionally live Lent. These efforts can only enrich our coming celebration of Easter, when heaven conquered the tomb.

As we pray together, may we see the fruit of Living Heaven on Earth born in our community this Lent.

In Christ,

Ite Missa Est Team