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Advent Challenge 2017


Hard copies of the Discipleship Challenge can be found in the vestibules at
Immaculate Conception Church or printed as a PDF.

The daily challenges can also be received via EMAIL
or through Facebook (IteMissaEstor (IC Church).

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Living Heaven on Earth’ is a lofty concept and seemingly out of our reach. As children of the Kingdom of God, how do we practice ‘Living Heaven on Earth’? St. John the Baptist implores us: "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" (Mt 3:2) The repentance of which John speaks means turning away from that which separates us from God. More crucial than this is John’s admonishment to turn our lives towards God.  St. John’s directive also gives us incredible hope; John declares: “the Kingdom of God is at hand!” It is here and now! We are commissioned, as disciples of Jesus Christ, right here and right now, to bring forth the Kingdom of God. After his baptism by John, Jesus began his ministry in earnest and Jesus’ central message and teachings relate to the Kingdom of God. Jesus says to us: “Seek first the Kingdom of God”. (Mt 6:33) Every aspect of our lives must be directed towards this directive!

Advent is a few short weeks…and very busy weeks they are indeed. The repentance we are called to undertake involves the task of ongoing personal conversion. The season of Advent affords us the opportunity to consider where we are, what we can change and, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, how we can accomplish it. As children of the Kingdom, when we live this ongoing call of conversion, we work toward 'Living Heaven on Earth’ each and every day.

Pray daily with the Scriptures (http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings), consider each day’s reflection, and accept the task or challenge suggested for each day this Advent season. You can follow and participate in the Ite Missa Est Advent Challenge 2017 on Facebook as well.

In Christ,

Ite Missa Est Ministries